PTFE cables have outstanding Mechanical & electrical properties, these are heat resistant, Its properties qualify them for an ever widening range of wiring applications ,they are used in many situations, where temperatures are of + 1800C and above or where temperatures are below Minus 400C.
In most adverse uses, where chemical fumes and liquids would render all other cables useless.


PTFE is the most well known and durable polymer and has been used in the cable industry for many years.


Its outstanding dielectric properties, even at elevated temperatures, make it most suitable for insulation of cables



Prestige manufactures a wide variety of multicore cables, for use in instrumentation of power projects, chemical & fertilizers, steel plants & various other type of Engineering industries.

The multicore cables are available in unshielded twisted cores and PTFE Jacketed and Shielded twisted cores/ twisted pairs and overall PTFE jacketed cables.


Shield is provided to prevent electrostatic interference, it keeps external electrical disturbances away for affecting the signal and eliminates the unwanted transfer of signal between circuits of same cable such as cross talk.


For short distances having low speed digital data transmission unshielded cables, twisted multicore or multi-pair can be used. These multicore cables are the connecting link between the central instrumentation and various transducers.



These cables are designed to work with high current loads at high temperature environment conditions, such as wiring of furnace heaters, ovens and Industrial wiring under harsh working conditions.

Conductors are made of fine multi-strand Bare/Silver Plated copper strands, PTFE insulated for 600 V / 1000 V working voltage grade, having suitable insulation thickness, which can bear the mechanical load of heavy conductor, overall fibre glass braided & silicon varnished to provide surface protection to inner dielectric for extra mechanical stability. It can be further braid armoured with stainless steel wire or tin plated copper wire.


Prestige Wires & Cables manufacture both Single & Multi-core power cables.


Basic Cores are insulated with PTFE for 600 V working grade laid up and PTFE Jacketed overall fiber glass braided with silicone varnish or stainless steel braided for mechanical protection, However combination of both FG and SS can also be given.



There are applications when high voltage is applied at elevated temperatures, PTFE insulation is most suitable, which has stable dielectric properties upto 250°C.


Some standard sizes having specially formulated PTFE with Corona Resistant features, shows excellent results at high voltage




These cables are suitable for domestic and industrial wiring of building and electrical installations
These Cables are designed for high cost and Sensitive installations where fire from electrical short circuits may cause damage to human life & property.


Most useful for Building wiring of hotels, restaurants, computer rooms, multi-storied buildings, commercial buildings like cinema halls, hospitals, industrial wiring, showrooms etc.


These cables have fine strands of pure electrolytic grade copper with a layer of PTFE wrapping & sintered and overall high Heat resistant PVC (105°C) coated. (HR PVC)



PTFE insulation has excellent R.F. and high voltage properties combined with small size due to low wall thickness, superb thermal resistance & freedom from ageing, fungus & water absorption makes PTFE the most preferred insulation over other conventional material.

Typical Features


  • Operating temperature (continous): -65°C to 260°C
  • Max. temperature (intermittent): 290°
  • Dielectric strength (Brkdn): 24 kV/mm
  • Elongation strength: 350%
  • Tensile strength: 250 kg/cm²